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Strategic Directions

Somerset West Community Health Centre’s Strategic Directions: One Mission, Four Goals, Twenty Strategies.

For over 45 years Somerset West CHC has been driven by its strong sense of purpose and commitment to innovation and excellence. Together, Toward Common Goals – Strategic Directions 2017-2022 will guide our work until 2022.

We live our strategic directions. In the past strategic planning was a linear process with a beginning, an end, time frames and targets. Today’s complex environment demands a more fluid, dynamic approach to strategic planning that focuses on developing strategies that allow an organization to react, adapt and set course corrections in response to an ever changing environment.

Our strategic directions are made of strategies and goals that act as the cornerstones of our corporate accountability. These strategic directions have evolved from reviews of key data sources (both internal and external) and wide-spread consultation with stakeholders at the community, board, leadership and team level. Our strategic directions will be used to guide:

  • program definition and the corresponding resource allocation

  • individual, department, corporate operational planning and performance measurement,

  • organizational design, recruitment and succession planning.