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Stories from our DONORS

So many people have had, and continue to have a close connection to SWCHC, whether as clients, partners or caring community residents, SWCHC means so much to so many! Here are just a few stories from our donors:

            Philip Brown and Joanne Jackson -  GOLD LEVEL DONORS

Jack McCarthy called me back in 1990 to ask if I might be interested in taking on the management of the capital project that turned out to be 55 Eccles. He had got my name from Lance Clarke, a social housing consultant who had previously established and managed CCOC but had gone independent.  Lance was too busy on social housing projects to take on this project, as I recall.  Little were either of us able at that time to know where this would eventually lead. 

Joanne and I, and our firm Jackson-Brown Associates, were in 1990 working only on social housing projects.  Somerset West CHC was our first foray into non-residential development.   The 55 Eccles project, however, quickly opened up into a whole new category of work for us because within a year or so we had been engaged by Carlington and Sandy Hill CHCs to work on their capital projects.   At SWCHC we met Bob Sprague, a retired facilities manager at CMHC, who introduced us to space planning and took Joanne under his wing and trained her in spatial studies and functional programming.  We soon developed into "experts" in CHC planning and development and for a time prior to 1995 were helping the people in the Ministry's Primary Health Branch like Maureen McKenna and Jim Shea to develop capital budgeting tools for CHCs. ..READ MORE...

Ms. Priscilla Hudon - SWCHC client and member SWCHC Board of Directors  - DONOR

Shortly after moving to Ottawa 3 years ago, my husband had a major stroke…a year later, I had to have my hip replaced. We count our blessings that we are part of the Somerset West Family!   From the very first encounter, we knew we were in a special place, a place that truly cares about people!

As clients, my husband and I received, and continue to receive outstanding medical care, but we also appreciate the other services we’re able to tap into:  the Dietician who offered guidance on rebuilding Alan’s weight after his stroke; the Walk In Clinic, where Nurse Practitioners are so helpful when something suddenly crops up; Foot care - marvellous - especially for two seniors who can no longer easily bend to touch their toes!

They say that “aging is not for sissies” and I can attest to that!  But it has been made so much easier having this team beside us, every step of the way! The staff are truly impressive; the issues they deal with are complex; the clients are diverse; the obstacles they wrestle with each day are daunting (not the least of which is a recalcitrant new computer system!) and yet, despite these pressures, they are always professional, reassuring and sensitive to people’s needs. READ MORE....

Vietnamese Seniors Cooking Group 

A group of over 50 Vietnamese speaking seniors gathered together over the last several weeks to help raise money for the Rosemount Capital Fundraising Campaign. On May 6, 2014 they proudly presented the fundraising team with $737!  Monies raised came from their pension cheques, grocery money and savings because "giving back to SWCHC is so impiortant to us" said one of the seniors. This is an excellent example of a donation from the heart!

The Vietnamese Seniors Cooking Group gathers monthly to share a meal together, hear information on healthy aging, discuss current events and make new friends. From all of us at SWCHC THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts!



Tastes of Wellington West to be held September 13, 2014 in support of Somerset West Community Health Centre.The Wellington West BIA will be fundraising $10,000 this year in support of Somerset West Community Health Centre, Rosemount Branch.

The communities of Hintonburg and Wellington Village which combine to create Wellington West, one of Ottawa’s most vibrant and exciting business areas, are once again excited to bring Ottawa the annual Tastes of Wellington West on September 13, 2014. This year the Wellington West Business Improvement Area will be fundraising $10,000 in support of the Somerset West Community Health Centre, opening in September on Rosemount Ave. Chair of the Business Improvement Area Board, Randy Kemp commented, “Supporting the SWCHC is a natural fit as a fundraising partner, this is an area where business owners take a great deal of pride supporting the local community” This year’s event will adopt an open doors approach as visitors will be invited to stroll not just the main strip (Wellington St. West) but enjoy the adventures and experiences that await on the side streets and in our parks. Executive Director of the BIA, Zachary Dayler added, “Tastes of Wellington West showcases the wonderful shopping, arts, and food of the area while also proving an opportunity to host more than an event, but a big community block party!”

For more information on the Wellington West BIA and their upcoming Taste of Wellington Event Saturday September 13, 2014 CLICK HERE