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2014 ACB Health Symposium for Service Providers


February, 18 2014 - 9:00 am to 4:00 pm


The Palace, 156 Cleopatre Dr., Ottawa, ON K2G 5X4


The ACB Health Symposium for Service Providers brings together service providers who provide services to the African Caribbean and Black (ACB) communities in Ottawa to deliberate on the health and social issues affecting the health and wellbeing of the ACB people in Ottawa and to explore how best service providers can work together to improve service delivery to the ACB people. The symposium also provides service providers with the opportunity to network.  Specifically the goals of the symposium include exploring way:

  • To improve the health outcomes of the ACB communities
  • To improve access to services by the ACB communities
  • To increase knowledge and awareness of the social determinants of health
  • To improve service delivery through the Ottawa Service Providers’ Hub (OSPH) and to facilitate collaboration, sharing of resource and best practices