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Building Healthy Kids

Close to 27% of children and youth in Hintonburg live on low-income.

We provide free children and youth programs because we believe that everyone has a right to access services that improve health and well-being, regardless of income.

What children & youth programs do you offer?

We offer three after-school programs, three youth drop-ins, tons of local playgroups, youth leadership and a day camp in the summer.  All our programs include health promotion activities such as exercise and healthy snacks.

Why do you offer children & youth programs?

Because every child deserves a safe, supportive environment outside of home and school to learn and grow.  Through children and youth programs, kids:

  • Develop important life skills
  • Gain confidence
  • Learn to better manage stress
  • Become more engaged at school
  • Contribute to building better communities – last year, SWCHC’s youth worked over 1000 volunteer hours!

Where do you deliver children & youth programs?

SWCHC offers programs where local families need them most: close to home.  We work in:

  • Mechanicsville, at the emergency family shelter and Laroche Park Community Centre
  • Chinatown, at the Dalhousie Community Centre
  • Rochester Heights, where 54 % of residents are single parents with low-income
  • Hintonburg, at the Parkdale United Church, Connaught Public School, and SWCHC’s Rosemount Branch

What’s unique about your children & youth programs?

Our programs are free and delivered close to home.  They are designed to be accessible to low-income families in our community who otherwise can’t access children and youth services.



What is Building Healthy Kids?

Building Healthy Kids is a fundraising campaign for SWCHC’s children and youth programs.  Because our programs are free, we rely on grants and support from the community to keep local at-risk kids engaged.

Our goal is to raise $31,000 for 2017-18!



How much does it cost to Build a Healthy Kid?

Building Healthy Kids is great value!  It costs:

$46 per week – or $1,840 per year – for one kid to attend SWCHC’s after-school program

$100 for one youth to attend one week of SWCHC’s summer leadership camp

$368 per year for one youth to attend SWCHC’s youth drop-in program

How can I help?

Make SWCHC’s Building Healthy Kids campaign a recipient of your community investment today! 

To donate, please click here and select the "Building Healthy Kids" fund.

More info

To learn more about how your donation keeps local children and youth active and engaged, contact:

Meghan Macdonell
Children and Youth Community Developer

Phone: (613) 238-8210

A mural painted by SWCHC’s youth drop-in program at Laroche Park.