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Breastfeeding Support

SWCHC is proud to be certified by the Baby-Friendly Initiative of the World Health Organization.  This means we offer extensive support for breastfeeding from all our staff, including our lactation consultant.

Lactation consultants are professional breastfeeding specialists trained to teach mothers how to feed their baby.  They:

  • Help women who experience problems breastfeeding, such as painful nursing, latching difficulties, and low milk production
  • Lend women breastfeeding equipment (like breast pumps) and teach them how to safely store expressed breast milk
  • Help women who wish to continue breastfeeding after returning to work or school

How to Connect

Our lactation consultant offers appointment-based care, teaches monthly prenatal breastfeeding classes, and also works at the weekly Well-Baby Drop-In alongside a dietitian, a nurse, and an early childhood educator. 

To book an appointment |  Call 613-238-1220

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